Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Week's Harvest!

Greenleaf and Redleaf lettuces
Sweet onions
2 bunches of Swiss Chard
Fat Bag of Spinach
Quart of Tom's World-Famous Strawberries!
As ever, our weekly illustrated newsletter with news and recipe!

One of our favorite things to do with all the asian greens, chard, and onions is to saute' them in olive oil or butter on medium heat with garlic and a dash of red pepper flakes. Add cooked, cold rice (from last night's dinner) and some soy sauce, and you have a delicious lunch! We favor Basmati Rice, for its dependable performance, flavor, scent, and light, fluffy, non-sticky grain.

For Sunday breakfast, or tea-time, make a loaf of lemon poppy seed bread and serve thick slices with sugared strawberries! Heaven!

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  1. Here's an idea for you lucky enough to receive this box:
    -toast 4 flour tortillas in a dry skillet (15 secs a side?) stack on a plate cover with a tea towel to keep warm
    -mince a clove of garlic
    -finely chop an onion or two
    -coarsely chop a mixture of kale, chard and spinach (it cooks down so use a lot)
    --saute onion in a splash of olive oil to soften, stir in garlic the last 30 seconds
    -add greens, saute, stirring occasionally, until they soften but not so much they get mushy
    (5-10 minutes depending on greens and your taste)
    -season to taste (bit of salt, black or red peppers, and a dash of nutmeg is surprisingly yummy)
    -divide among tortillas, top with shredded cheese (goat cheese is lovely if you have some ;-> )
    -roll up and eat--with sliced strawberries on the side.
    Simple, delicious and nutritious!