Thursday, June 16, 2011


Our 10 lovely piggies have arrived.

they are helping us manage our veggie acreage.
The kids throw weeds and green oats to them...and it amazing to watch them chow down on these salads, and leave their grain behind...

Soon we will be pasturing them on harvested beds to fertilize them for next season, and get a little pig-powered plowing done!

Watching Pigs is Farm Yoga.

They stretch our for morning, mid-morning, noonday, afternoon, evening snoozes...and just to stand there and watch them so happily snuggled against eachother in deep and simple contentment is to shed pounds and pounds of anxiety and stress...I like to sneak up on them while they're napping and surprise them with snacks...

You know how your Grandma always said "I sure do love to see you eat!"? And she'd fix huge meals for you even though you just had lunch and "were just passing through" ? That's what I think of when I watch these little pigs chow down. They go at it with such gusto that it puts spirit in ya just to watch the food dissapear! You feel like positively bustling off to the kitchen to whip up more tintillating scraps so that you can have the motherly satisfaction of watching these pigs put it away.

Besides the rabbit, hogs are the most efficient converters of foodstuffs to meat. They're intelligent too. You can always talk to a pig. Pigs listen...and sometimes, when called upon, they add their two cents. Magnificent animal. Wonderous, splendid, delicious animal!

If you are interested in pastured pork email us for our meat share order form.

90% of pork in Michigan is raised in confinement, where antibiotics are frequently needed to keep the sicknesses associated with lack of space, sunshine, and pasture, at bay. Support our efforts to raise Hogs the way nature intended! Buy a 1/2 or whole hog from us this season!

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