Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meet the Girls!

Introducing the cast and crew of our 2013  chevre production team. Step right up folks to meet our bevy of beauties. Ladies all of them, with impeccable manners, winning ways, and luscious milk!
Barli is the "sophisticated lady" of the group. She welcomed motherhood for the first time with a graceful nonchalance, as if holding a cigarette holder, with a bored look and the barest hint of a motherly "nicker" if to maintain that mothers can saunter and swing pearl necklaces around too. She's shaping up to be our next Queen of the Herd. Birthed twins 3/6/2014.

status: currently raising twin does, milking
alter ego: Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey

Muffin is our stunning and soft-spoken glamour girl. She is Zita's daughter, born in 2012 on the farm.  She has that helpless "draws you in" quality reminiscent of a certain Hollywood bombshell of yesteryear. She's quiet, sweet, and gentle. Hoping for kids from her in early Fall.

status: currently open
alter ego: Marilyn Monroe

Mandy Mae a.k.a. "The Kid"
Nubian/French Alpine
Every gang needs a kid. Mandy Mae is ours. She was a surprise born in the summer of 2013 to our late great Nubian, Lupe. Weaned early when we lost her mother to a broken leg, she quickly demonstrated spunk and stamina, becoming everybody's favorite and most annoying goat. Her favorite trick? Waiting till we are up and milking to climb the walls of her pen, escape, and get into the grain bin. We're hoping she's just going through a phase.

status: open
alter ego: d'Artagnan, the fourth musketeer!

Angelica Rosa
Angelica Rosa is our grande dame. She's tough as nails, a no-nonsense brawd who's been there done that. She's part of our "Nubification" program here at the farm. Nubian's are known for the high butterfat content in their milk, making them a great choice for cheesemakers!

status: pregnant
alter egos: Angelica Huston and Angela Lansbury

Lillie is our bearded lady. At the bottom of the pecking order, she is well named. Not the most courageous of creatures, you will always find Lillie peaking over the gate trying to find her only friends...the humans! Saanens are known for their high volume milk production.

status: milking
alter ego: Hester Prynne of the Scarlet Letter

The beautiful and affectionate Zita camed to us from our friend Pam in Michigan. Pam kept a secret farm right on a busy road, with nosy neighbors. A hidden world of Nubians, all surrounded by a high privacy fence. Driving by, you would never know a mini-farm graced her lawn. Zita is the goat, who, in a moment of tranquilty when you are admiring the fine weather, will come up to you and gentle snuzzle your face as if to say: "Hi sugar!"

status: bred for mid-summer kidding
alter ego: Dolly Parton and Mother Theresa

Dixie is an original member of the milking crew of Little Flower Farm. She's the queen of the herd, and next to Angelica Rosa, is the eldest doe in the herd. She's all brains and all moxie. Constantly reminding the other does who is boss, she plows into any animal in her way...but is all p's and q's with her human compatriots. Dixie can open doors, work latches, find grain no matter how hidden, open coolers, and leap fences. We think she walks on all fours just to humor us.

status: bred for mid-summer kidding, water pregnancy in 2013
alter ego: Katherine Hepburn

Penny is all things 1980s. You can almost even see her wearing a side-pony tale and purple sweatpants. She's a belted Nubian/Alpine grade. Excellent confirmation and great attitude. She gave birth to an big buckling on 3/4/2014.

status: currently milking, raising 1 buckling
alter egos: Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan

french alpine/ ?
After losing her twin bucklings in the cold snap during the end of February of 2014, Bluebelle quickly became the darling of the dairy. She is currently supplying almost a gallon a day for our chevre-making. Bluebelle is affectionate, curious, and motherly with us. She has taken us on as her adopted kids. The is the sweet southern belle of the bunch.

status: currently milking
alter ego: Melanie Hamilton from Gone with the Wind

Ginger is our most graceful goat. Whatever they can do, she can do better! She came to us from an Amish goat dairy in SouthWest Wisconsin. Birthed twins on 2/25/1014.

status: currently milking, raising one very big buckling
alter ego: Ginger Rogers

The new generation of 2014!
Support our Girls! Sign up for a Little Flower Farm chevre share!
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   Dorfli Share: $20/4 weeks of fresh chevre

Heidi Share: $100/5 months of fresh chevre, monthly newsletter, invite to our Fall goat lover's gathering
Alm Share: $200/ 5 months of chevre, newsletter, invite to Fall gathering PLUS 20lbs Cabrito harvested mid-summer

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little Flower Farm back in the St. Croix River Valley of MN!

Little Flower Farm is back home in the St. Croix River Valley!
Our new location is just minutes north of William O'Brien State Park on Hiway 95:
20200 Quinnell Ave. N.
Scandia, MN 55073

Questions about our CSA offerings? Call us: (651) 433-3611
Come see us at River Market Co-op's CSA Fair this Saturday, March 8th 1-4 pm.
You can sign up for our chevre shares, grass-fed lamb, and veggie shares.

Moving day at the new farm in Scandia