From time to time we are asked if we grow organic veggies.

The answer:

We grow BEYOND ORGANIC veggies.

We do not choose to certify our farm as organic. The certification process is expensive, and we don't believe in the commercial co-opting of the word "organic". Organic certification standards now often allow practices that we don't see as sustainable or authentically organic.

We grow with absolutely NO CHEMICALS. No Herbicides. No Insecticides. Ever. Period.

Instead, we use crop rotations, companion plantings, herbs, and on-farm circles of fertility to create healthy soil. Healthy soil= healthy crops. Very often plants with good head starts, planted in soil rich in humus and compost, simply do not need the help that chemicals boast to offer. 

We are an integrated farm. The kind that used to be common in the 1940s. We are intentional about composting. We keep livestock in addition to gardens, not just for meat, milk, and eggs, but because they help build our soil with their composted manure. We follow organic industry standards for composted animal manure applications.

For us, the ideal farmer works with nature rather than against it. That's why we do what we do. It's a beautiful life.

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