Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Shane finished scything the oat field. It's in nice big stacks for feeding livestock "in the sheath" during winter. Its the old-fashioned way...also known as "don't own a big threshing machine and don't want to make more work for myself" method of harvesting grain.

It's lovely living in a painting. Cue the mushroomed straw-stacks, the smiling children, the stormclouds gathering, and the chickens scratching up loose oats.


24 cornish rock chickens gave up their lives for a greater good recently on little flower farm.
Our toddlers were on call- the youngest crawling thru the feathers and gore to play underneath the processing table, and the eldest chanting "These chickens will taste so good, yum yum" to help herself get through the slaughtering part. Next year we hope to expand with more broilers to offer our CSA members at a discount. They are slated to follow our sheep on their paddocks out in the field. Chickens are amazing at cutting down on worm infestations since they eat all the larva out of ruminants' droppings.

a footnote:
we tasted one. That chicken was so good, yum yum indeed.