Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you do half-shares?

We encourage folks who can't eat a whole share to find a friend(s) to split with.

We're such a small family-run farm that we do not offer half shares. There are plenty of CSAs that do, but we try to keep it simple.

I'll be away part of the summer. Do you pro-rate shares?

Little Flower Farm Zinnias 2021

After May1st we accept applications for pro-rated farm-share membership. We have a late deadline to encourage full share sign-up due to our limited membership space.

Some members have simply found family or friends who would buy the couple weeks' shares from them while they are away. Have we mentioned that we have the world's most supportive and go-getter CSA members?

I don't like spinach. Can I pick and choose what's in my box?

No. Sorry. You have the wrong number.

Can I sign up for one season at a time?

Certainly! We broke up the seasons into two payments primarily to make it easier on the ol' budget.

Priority for Late Summer Shares will be given to Early Season members.

Can I pay online?

No. We're old fashioned. Send your check in (made out to Shane or Chiara Dowell) via snail mail. Or carrier pigeon. We stay low-tech so we can focus on growing what's in the ground!

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