Monday, May 23, 2011

The New Generation and Draft-Powered Farming

We love how farming with animals is coming into vogue again:

It's better for the soil, better for the animals, better for the farms, and better for the farmer. Period.

It's also a way to get kids excited about farming again...

Farming without draft power can go something like this:

"Hey! Want to go to the field and pick up hundreds of rocks and load them into buckets and dump them into a big pile??"

( child mysteriously vanishes...nowhere to be found....)

There goes the next generation of small farmers. Sigh.

Farming with draft Power is vastly more interesting to the young heir:

"Hey! Want to take this donkey here, and hook him up to your all-terrain wagon and get him to pull the rocks you clear out of the potato field to the big pile we are saving up??"

(Farmer is nearly trampled to death by teams of enthusiastic children and said donkey and wagon drowning out all other sounds with their cries of rapturous joy and happiness.)

The future is looking brighter already!

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