Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 16th Box

This week's share was a tad smaller, due to unforseen emergencies on the farm on Harvest day.

This left only one of us bringing in the harvest, and we weren't able to get to the greens mix and the onions. It just means more next week!
The tops of your radishes can go into pasta sauces, on pizza, saute'd with onions for omelets...check out our wilted greens omelet recipe below!

A few of you didn't get radishes this week...but we threw in some other extras to make up for their absence.

Next week will bring SUGAR SNAP peas, onions, salad mix, greens mix, and more!
In other news:
We've trapped 4 racoons. How can something this cute be such a killer??
(Picture a beautiful morning on the farm. Mrs. Farmer is making breakfast and humming a cheery tune. Little darling daughter walks into the kitchen:
"Mama, guess what Papa and I found out in the grass??"
Mrs. Farmer is thinking: "Flowers? Butterfly? Shiny pebble?"
Comes the unexpected reply:
That's when the coons first starting coming around for chicken binges.
The good news is the rampages have stopped. Perhaps there were only four? You tend to picture a whole herd of racoons out there in the darkness stalking your meaty's like the American farm version of that Val Kilmer movie about the killer lions....


  1. Oh my, you are being thrown every challenge in the book, aren't you? I'm rooting for those gorgeous chickens. Rocky, back to the woods with you!

  2. Thanks for your good food, and may I offer a suggestion? It would be very helpful to me (and other vegetable illiterate people) if you would list the veggies that come in each box somewhere (maybe a top corner) on the paper that you send. I am sometimes not sure what things are, and that would help a lot. For example, I cannot tell what the pink, yellow and orange stalks are - rhubarb?

    Christine Hubel

  3. Hi Christine!
    Generally I try to list them on the top of the newsletter underneath the greeting...but sometimes things sneak into the box after I've printed out the newsletter!
    The multi-colored stalked greens are chard.
    Thanks for the suggestion, will try to improve the newsletter in future!