Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Box of June

Suddenly it dawned on us, that we have the most lovely opportunity to surprise and delight each week. We've decided to toss random extras into boxes each week. (This will explain the odd ginger cookie or two some of you might find in your box.) We had some little broccoli shoots, and tossed them into some of your boxes...some of you have little bags of cilantro or dill or both (plus free grass!!) These are for to-die-for cilantro/lime marinades for grilled chicken breasts...or Independence day dill potato salad.
Some have an extra head of lettuce, or bag of peas...if our one year old ends up in someone's box please send her back priority mail! Basically, we want to share what the farm has to after a certain degree of uniformity, everyone will be given little extras randomly.
The broccoli leaves may need some refreshing. Stick them in a jar of cold water.
For those of you who have never experienced this part of the plant:
The Bee Balm has bloomed just in time for The 4th of July. They look like flowery fire works....or African Zulu headdresses.
Penelope has proven to be an excellent Mama. Her babies are all fat and healthy.

Where did June go? The tall grass is seeding itself, and the dragon flies are out. At night, walking back from the sheep pasture fireflies zing the air.
Plump green tomatoes are hanging on the vines....destined for outrageously delicious caprese salads. Happy Eating.

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