Friday, June 11, 2010

Omelets in the Morning

We have discovered that wilting salad greens (or fresh!) and spring mixes make excellent stuffings for omelets when saute'd in olive oil! Oh the wonders of the veggie kingdom! What a world of deliciousness awaits us all if we will just seize those greens and cajole them into the saucepan, saladbowl, and pot! This week's recipe du Jour:

Salad Greens Omelet
with Deep Purple Bunching onions

*one or two bunching onions
*2 Cups salad greens
*salt and pepper to taste
*cheese of choice, grated.
*2 or 3 eggs

Saute the above ingredients in olive oil till tender. Leave a few of the green tops chopped to pile on top of your omelet.

Beat together 2 (or 3) eggs with a teensy pinch of salt. ( a little Salt is the only difference between icky and "OH SO GOOD!")

Heat a TB butter in a saucepan till the bubbles subside and it slightly browns. Pour eggs into skillet. Cook gently till slightly firm (firm enough to flip)
Flip. (If your first one is ugly, your second will be gorgeous. Trust me.)
Fill immediately with your cheese of choice and the greens mixture.
Trifold the omelet and slide onto a plate, yelling frantically to your family members to come eat it while it hovers in its brief state of perfection.
Sprinkle the remaining green onions on top while they sit down and inhale the aroma and happily prepare to tuck in.
Dash back to the stove, clean your pan, and make more!!
We had read of the Europeans cooking salad greens....never knew till now how DIVINE the results can be! Food is such a balm sometimes.

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