Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Harvest

Our first harvest was an experience! If Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight had written another Eloise book called "Eloise on the Farm" there would be a line like this in it:

"kiddie pools make excellent hydro-cool tubs."

"French Breakfast radish harvest as visual poetry."
I think it is safe to say that little flower farm could quite possibly be the only CSA in the state who proffered radishes that were harvested and topped by a 4 year old fearie maiden.
marshalling the herbs and boxes.
Now we know they are just veggies....but it is hard for any mother to let go!
"They go out, they go our full of tears, carrying seed for the sowing. They come back, they come back full of song, carrying their sheaves." Psalm 126
The song of this first harvest was something by "THE CORRIES" a rollicking scottish drumming dancing tune to stir the blood and inspire the doning of kilts!
Happy Eating. Let this be a summer of salad bliss.

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