Thursday, July 8, 2010

Morning on the Farm

Morning begins with light...light in the lace curtains. And the sound of the roosters...morning light always reminds me of all of the promise of youth. Then a glance out the window at the sheep slowing beginning their morning graze...the kittens tackling eachother, and the guinea hens moving en mass.

Here are the guineas are prowling about the farm...keeping ticks at bay, at looking generally...comical.
Green tomatoes are hanging on the the morning they gleam and drip with dew and you just stand there and stare at them with your fist in your mouth wanting to devour them unawares...but of course they're not ready yet...and they just hang there voluptuously and smirk at you...and tempt you to no end with racy thoughts of wedges of mozzarella and sprinklings of basil and olive oil dribbling over them...
The Sunflowers are up and following that burning ball...they haven't open up yet...but soon they will greet the day in resplendent glory!
raised bed gardens have been replanted to extra eggplant and basil and cabbage. Red Cabbage is such a rock star in the garden. So beautiful!
This week will bring more weeding and direct seeding. We are going to be seeding at twice the rate...this way we can provide bigger bags of green beans for all! It's been a learning year to be sure. For instance: when the gardening books tell you "cauliflower is the hardest vegetable to grow" Don't try it for your CSA.
Next year our rows will also be spaced farther apart to accommodate the tiller...and that will aid in the battle against the weeds. There is nothing more crushing than to loose a crop to weeds. I'm afraid that we lost an early crop of beets to them.
The onions are glamourous these days....
Our last planting of potatoes will soon commence.

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