Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 7th Box

The cucumbers are sending out their blossoms, the lillies are out, we are cutting herbs now for winter medicine. That's yarrow in the basket:defender against colds. Willa, cute kitten extraordinare and budding mouser examines the antics of her siblings....the Bee Balm basking in the morning sunrise....

This week's box brought you the last of the chard for a while, radishes (don't forget, you can eat those green tops!!), basil sprigs, green beans, broccoli, salad mix, snap peas, snow peas, onions, garlic scape...and of course your weekly newsletter from the farm. Some boxes don't have beans but have broccoli, and vice versa....we are ramping up our direct seeding rate to rectify that!
7 of you are without your newsletter this week.

To the White Bear Drop folks: Yours are in the mail today. Should arrive by tommorow.
To the 2 others: email us, and we'll send it along.

Congratulations to Paula!

Fellow member Paula came up with a great way to use up your extra greens and won herself a little flower farm chevre in the process:

"I took the poc choi leaves, broccoli leaves and the swiss chard and cut them all up together. I cooked about 4 pieces of cut up bacon, added a chopped onion, then the greens, stirred to coat the leaves. Add chicken stock or white wine and simmer until all are soft - about 1/2 hour. Serve warm with a splash of vinegar over the top - yummy!"

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