Saturday, March 3, 2012

"A Table Shared by Friends"

Click here for the love of food and good company:
(photograph from KINFOLK online journal)


  1. A veritable "feast" for the eyes (inward groan at my own pun). Are the editors of this nascent journal personal friends of yours? What lovely people.

    My favorite video was the Honey Extraction one. My husband and I keep bees and we dedicate our endeavors to the patron of beekeeping, St. Ambrose. I love honey harvesting, as well as using the wax to make bee balms and salves.

  2. Katie,Funny you mention the bee-u-tiful art of keeping bees...
    Shane has been to visit a local beekeeper just this morning, and we are about to jump into beekeeping too....any advice to new-bees?? We are looking forward to a farm partnership with these little buggers, and can't wait to see an improved harvest...