Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Art of Growing

This year...
we aim to do with soil, air, water, and sun
what Nicholas Fackler does with film:
nurture beauty.
nourish soul.
exalt the simple.
plant love.


  1. i always love the old couple photos. it kinda make me sure that everlasting love exists.

    Love from Valentine day flowers :)

  2. Yes! Love is like farming...its the hardest thing in the world to endure...and the most rewarding too. The beautiful combination of suffering and bliss!

  3. For all the followers of Little Flower Farm, and anxious about the "family transplant", I heard from Mr. Farmer yesterday (1/31) and they have arrived safely in Michigan--thanks to many helping hands, and particularly the yeoman service of the friend who drove truck and livestock. A few more days of getting settled and I'm sure the blog will be lively, again. Thanks for your support of Little Flower Farm. --one of the grandmothers