Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Flower Farm is Michigan!
We will be teaming up with our friends at Eden Farm of Greenville, MI next season for cooperative fruit and vegetable CSA.

We will miss all of our fantastic members and supporters here in the Twin Cities area and in Wisconsin. Keep visiting us here, at the blog...pull up a chair from time to time, sip some hot tea, and tuck in! We'll be here!

Our move was prompted by a letter we received from the Non-Profit that owns the land we farm on. The letter asked us to terminate our farming operations in our field, and from our home. Despite a rousing letter of petition signed by over 50 people to both the Non-Profit that owns the land, and the Non-Profit that leases the land, with whom we had an agreement that allowed us to farm our fields, the answer remained firm.


  1. I've been following your blog for some time now; never purchased a share in the CSA but my mouth watered hearing about what was available. I live in a suburb of Saint Paul, MN and I'm sorry to hear that you've moved :( Especially under the circumstances.

  2. Thanks for commenting Sheri! Keep following the blog- we can be a kind of a cbyer CSA if not one on the ground! Wait till you hear about the lavender shortbread cookie recipe I am about to post...delicious luxury incarnate!

  3. Well Blast! and all that work too! We are also moving to our new farming location, but it is not two states away! God bless you guys - I love reading your blog - you are gifted writers, farmers, and so very courageous to get up and start again - we admire you greatly! Wickes

  4. Darn, no more Minnesota CSAs?
    I am in the St. Paul area too, and you guys sound amazing!

    Best of luck in Michigan!

  5. welcome to greenville neighbor. saw your sign and decided to check out your blog!