Monday, November 8, 2010

New Faces on the Farm

Love is in the air on little flower farm. It's breeding season for the sheep and goats, and two fellows have joined us just in time for the season's pairing off.

Olaf is our new creamy Oberhasli/Sanaan grade. He has a sweet disposition, and as a buckling is not as stinky as some of the bigger fellows can be. He rounds out our genetics now to include all of the major dairy breeds: Sanaan, Nubian, Toggenburg, Alpine, and Oberhasli. Hurrah for all that lovely cross-breed vigour! No ribbons here, folks, just delicious milk and fresh Chevre!

We are breeding our purebred Icelandics to a larger breed of the interests of our lamb fans! Finnbar will bring some very nice wool genetics to the herd, and a boost in size too. He looks like a nice big fuzzy dog in amongst our ewes.
This is such a satisfying time of the year. The CSA field is put to bed...little shoots of Vetch and Rye are starting to sprout...the animals are all content with their Fall adventures in Amore, and the promise of Spring is tangible. The Hogs are putting on some last pounds...and the whole farm begins again its self sufficient cycle of new life. These are the best parts about farming...the parts that involve nothing else on the farmer's part....but contemplative enjoyment.

Thank you to those
members who are signing up early for 2011. Your memberships are making the improvement of our herds possible now-right when we need it.

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