Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 CSA garden taking shape!

The Brassicas made the great leap from flat to field last week. They are all well, and send their regards. They lie in the sun all day, brave the wind, and dibble their toes in the drip irrigated water.

A flat of Broccoli grinning in anticipation.

wild mint! local Pac Choi makes good.

fall planted garlic is up and running.

early lettuces pretty enough for a Bride's bouquet!
We have been blissfully busy, covered heat to toe in soil.
Kneeling in the dust, with dirt in your ears, smudges on your face and woodticks all over you, the sun beaming down, the new roosters trying out their can't help feeling 6 years old again. Happy Spring. (It's sprung in earnest!)

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