Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Snapshots

 Bless the Dung Heap!
The greedy ground gobbles manure
we stab, and heave, and pitch till aching
Horses tug to the rat-a-tat-a-tata-tat
of spreader chain kachunking
and steel wheels turning
harness jangles with the sound of Spring.

First the suction of plowshare cleaving
earth and worms go belly up,
Then the churn of disc and crumbler
"Step up Spike! Get on now, Dolly!"
The green sheet of the vegetable bed
peeled back and now waiting...
Bless the Dung Heap!
Embrace Manure!
The roller-coaster ride of the year has begun
We hug tight these here clods and
hang on for dear life
to the earth
and the neighbors
reins, and weeks
as they swing us now closer, ever nearer, more dearer, to new life.

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