Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Now offering pastured lamb for the 2013 season! Little Flower Farm of Hillpoint, Wisconsin
is now offering 100% pastured lamb from our hilltop farm located in the beautiful driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. We are a seasonal horse-powered grass-fed farm, making our annual December deliveries to
*Spring Green, 
 *Twin Cities of MN.
 Your support of our small farm allows us to continue our pursuit of sustainable and responsible farming in a manner that is both ecologically sound and poetically beautiful.

100% Grass-Fed. Chemical-Free Pastures all day, every day. Sustainable Small-Farming at it's loveable best. Our sheep feed on the hillsides of our pasture farm located in the Amish community of Hillpoint, WI. Much like the first settlers to farm the Driftless region, we were inspired by the rolling and, in some areas, steep terrain which makes this area so beautiful to behold. The Driftless region of Wisconsin is no corn and soybean quilt. The farms, nestled into the crooks and crannies of the valleys between the rises are nurtured in the relentless local land- inspired principle that small is indeed beatiful.
Small Farm. Big Heart.
            2013 Pastured Lamb Prices:
When you pre-order a lamb from Little Flower Farm your check reserves your whole or half. We are selling you your lamb "on the hoof". We will make arrangements to have your lamb processed at the local butcher's. You are responsible for processing fees upon pickup at the Butcher's.
Whole Lamb: $250 
Half Lamb: $130
List of Local Butchers to be posted soon.
Please make your checks out to Shane or Chiara Dowell
 at Little Flower Farm
S6586 Cty Rd. G
Hillpoint, WI 53937

phone: 608 466- 0905
Questions? Or to Schedule a visit:



  1. So glad to see you "settled"!!! Have been waiting to see a blog post ;) I have to ask - those don't look like Icelandic sheep in the photos (grin) ....have you changed breeds? And I see a Belgian horse - do you still have the Fjords?

    It sounds like you've truly found the place of your dreams! The best of luck to you this spring ;)

  2. We have been waiting as well it looks so busy busy busy. You would have it no other way though would you. Miss you are you also going to be selling the wool?

  3. Hi y'all!
    We bought a flock of Cheviots with the farm. But stay tuned! We are going to be bringing more icelandics into the mix for the excellent meat flavor!
    Maggie and Molly are our new team of Belgians...we still have our fjords, no worries! But Marta is injured, and Maj was looking like she couldn't handly 20 acres of haying this summer....but our hearts are still with the fjords all the way!
    We will be selling wool....our new flock was shorn just before lambing, so it's a ways out yet...but stay tuned!