Friday, May 4, 2012

May Days

We've been spending so much time lately, out in the field, in the sun, in the rain, in the wind, in the dirt...we're starting to feel like plants ourselves...slow and clumsy with people, preoccupied with the business of growing. 2 days ago we looked up from our grubby work in the kitchen garden and realized that the 2nd of May had bloomed like a Prokofiev Ballet overture. There she was, all green and glowing. White violets on the hillside, dandelion buttons in the ditches, and two buttery yellow chicks hatched underneath their mama in her not so secret nest beneath the rabbit hutches. Oh me, Oh May!
With just 4 weeks left before our first CSA boxes arrive on our members' kitchen tables, it is east to forget bone weary exaustion with all the dazzling beauties the 5th month has in store for us.
This is the month we rediscover the sense of smell. A slow drive down Judd St. Marine on St. Croix, and you are greeted with the new blooms of dogwood and lilac, and the mossy scent of mysterious river plants shooting up and unfurling.
Much to the happy relief of our anxious and patient chevre fans, Lupe gave birth to triplets one week ago. 2 doelings and a buck. They spend most of their time trying to imitate the antics of their older cousin, and falling asleep in a heap of long floppy ears and glossy little bodies.
We shall soon be a-float in that rich, creamy, high butterfat content Nubian milk...a land fat and flowing with milk and honey.

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  1. Such beauties! I went to commencement today and I have to say you two have put your knowledge to work in a most uplifting way. Happy May to you.