Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Pioneer Homesteader

Yes. Lust is a sin. But we are shamelessly desirous of this new all-in-one implement from Pioneer. We drool over the intuitive design and ease of use that this tool exemplifies. The people at Pioneer are continuosly innovating for the draft farmer. Thought of the day: The use of tractors on the farm is a relatively new that is already showing signs of cracking. Draft-Power allows a sustainable solution to the problem of fuel. Farm generated power means Freedom, Integrity, and just plain Beauty.


  1. Ooh. I can't can't can't wait to have draft animals and a tractor like the one you include here. Thanks for recommending Pioneer supplies; we will keep them in mind.

  2. Here is a video demonstrating how the Homesteader changes attachments and can be quickly adjusted. It's a fine implement!