Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Pick-up!

A reminder to our CSA members:
Please pick up your shares today, Monday!
Our last pick-up day will be Monday, the 26th!


  1. :( Thank You so much for the most amazing veg's we have ever eaten. We will miss the Little Flower Farm in our neighborhood. Blessing!!!
    The Shaw's

  2. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you feeding my family this year, I wish you much luck and great growing next year in your new home

  3. To anyone awaiting an update from Little Flower Farm: They have successfully transplanted themselves to Marine and are getting settled. They all made it (with the exception of one chicken, I believe. I will leave that to Mrs. Farmer to retell the tale, as only she can). And there was this muddy ditch. But I digress. The weather has been gorgeous. The sheep and goats and girls all have room to roam. It is quiet and peaceful. They are busy securing paddocks and planning for next spring. But don't despair. I am told there will be some posts shortly. So do keep checking back....
    --The Other Grandmother