Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Broiler Chicks have arrived!

They are already out on pasture, nibbling at grass, and eating up their starter feed with astonishing alacrity. This first wave is sold out. The second wave of fuzzyness arrives mid-June.
I think we are given a great gift, as human beings, in being able to contemplate and enjoy the beauty of the animals we raise for our food. I have seen Cleo and Beatrice catch their voles and mice...and there is very little appreciation on their part for the fineness of furs, the excellence of mousy instinct...the general....cuteness.
Perhaps the greatest tragedy in our modern conventional animal farming is the vast separation we experience from the animals destined for our tables. This separation allows for animal cruelty, confinement operations, manure rivers, overuse of antibiotics, and the resulting "super bugs" that evolve, and threaten our health and safety.
When you get to know an animal, when you care for it, and care for it's dignity, you are not only raising better meat, but you are existing as a human ought to, and not a mere predator. You become acquainted with its real value, and with a tremendous sense of gratitude toward the animal whose face you had come to know.

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