Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chasing Eden

This man wrote more beautifully about the call back to small farms than anyone we've ever known. He was part of the back to the land movement in the UK back in the early 1900s. We couldn't resist quoting him in our listing with the Land Stewardship project. Here is the full context of that quote. It will knock your socks off.

"Here, on the land, and on the land alone, is all to be found. Everything that crowds the city shops, and makes town-life possible, must have been one day taken from the open hand of the earth. Here and here only, nothing need go to waste: not even the leisure moments which a tired brain must have fit it for more and more weariness of spirit. Here, and here alone, is...

The World's Cleansing Place

where all the dross of human life is given back its cradle of innocence. Here, and here alone, the earth takes even the ordure of our towns and gratefully gives us back her thanks in the harvest of autumn. Here what the earth might corrupt the air will cleanse. Here, where earth or air or water will not mend, the sun with sovereign power will touch to life. Here, and here only, when men have built Romes and Jerusalems for inevitable doom, may the nations flee as to a City of Refuge: yea, as to a very Hotel Dieu-Hostel of God- where not a tear shall fall without springing up into flower and fruit, and God, in very joy for our wisdom returned, shall once more walk amongst the corn-fields.

Fr.Vincent McNabb

"Land-work and Hand-work"

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