Friday, June 22, 2012

Worth a thought

"PLANET EARTH does not belong to corporate interests, nor to governments, nor to the fashionable collective conscience of the moment. She belongs to herself, with a delicate but critical nod to biological life – all of it! Humans have taken for themselves a temporary leasehold on the planet. Somehow that was allowed over these last 100 years to slough off to the corporate boardrooms. This is not a good thing.
To earn the right to continue living on this planet, we need to find simple, direct solutions to human interaction with all other forms of biological life. We need to find ways that our time on this planet is beneficial for all. Wresting control of the land, air and sea from corporate interests is vitally important. It can start by accepting as axiomatic that every one should have a piece of land to care for. And by ‘every one’ we are speaking of individual human beings."

-LYNN MILLER from the Small Farmer's Journal Website


  1. lovely pictures of farm animals, farm children and Mr. Farmer...where is Mrs. Farmer???

  2. She's out in the field...
    and down in the basement, trying (ineffectually) to make possible clean undies for all.