Tuesday, January 15, 2019

JOIN US FOR our 2019 Season!

This year we are celebrating Little Flower Farm's 10th year farming, and 6th season as a CSA.
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(and we mean REALLY fresh.) Best way to ensure the healthiest food for your and your family: buy from a guy who harvested it HOURS before it hit your plate. Support a gal whose big-time small-farm dream keeps sustainable agriculture alive and well in your community.
July Share: Garden Bounty

read this article on how fast some foods lose their nutrients after harvest

and then there is this from the ninetymilesproject.com:
"You already know that fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients that prevent the onset of diseases. However, they begin to lose their nutrients within one day to a full week. Some vegetables begin to lose 15% to 55% of their vitamin C content after a week, and spinach can lose up to 90% within 24 hours after harvest. On average, produce loses nutritious content within the first three days.
The loss of nutrient content reduces the vitamins and minerals you get even if you consume a lot of produce. MorCo Fresh cites that the increasing popularity of farm to market or end consumer delivery of fruits and vegetables is the result of awareness about this quick loss of nutritious chemicals after harvest."
We're hoping you'll decide to get fresh with us this season!
Yes we know...
The grocery store has convenience. So true. It's a one-stop shop where you can get toothpaste, cat food, organic veggies from CA, AND marshmallows. You can even get your pint of Ben and Jerry's to reward yourself for being good and stocking up on so many lovely USDA certified organic veggies from that CA mega-farm.
June Share: Green Goodness
Those shipped veggies aren't the same food as the veggies your local CSA farmer is offering in his farm-share box. That plastic cube filled with spinach riding in your grocery cart now has less than 10 percent of total initial nutrients. Most of the other pieces of produce have lost at least one third of their nutrients before they reached your cart. The marshmallows never had any to begin with.
Little Flower Farm Harvest Crew member in action
If you made a New Year's Resolution to eat for health....may we humbly suggest that you could eat the same things as last year, but simply substitute OUR veggies instead, and be fulfill that resolution? Every Farm Share box from Little Flower Farm comes with our hand-illustrated weekly newsletter containing a new recipe each week to aid in your culinary adventures....and every vegetable is harvested HOURS within delivery. There's really no substitute for FRESH. Really Fresh tastes Really Good. 
   And our small family farm needs members like you to survive and thrive. 
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Snapshots of Busy Days

first zinnias of the season!

mulching tomatoes

bouquets from the pastures

Farm-Share harvest morning

found in the cabbage patch

New successions of beans in South garden

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spuds and Spunk in Spring

The tradition of growing potatoes in this area is one that reaches back to the very founding of the Swedish settlement of Vasa, which became later known as the village of Otisville. On the Northern edge of William O'Brien State park there are ruins of what was once the railroad stop where farmers would ship their potatoes out from.
I think of those early settlers, farmers and loggers, who cleared acreages of oaks and pines and planted spuds in the ground hoping for new beginning, pinning dreams on dirt covered tubers, calloused hands and a prayer. Did they also have to pause in their work to teach a baby Jane not to come along behind them and pick up the potato pieces and put them back in the crates? What does all this look like through an 18 month year old's eyes? Taking perfectly good food and burying it in trenches in the dirt...how can we explain the transcendentals of "hope" and "promise" and "patience" to someone still in diapers? The best way, the only way I think, is to bear them in our own hearts and minds and bodies, till their little frames are capable of shouldering such precious cargo themselves.

The Little Flower Farm House 100 years ago. Still stock-piling wood a century later.

planting out onions

the brassica transplanting crew at work
consulting with our on- farm mechanic

Friday, April 27, 2018

Napolean endorsed.

The 2018 Little Flower Farm Slide-Show.
Get the popcorn ready! And the tots.

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