Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pastured Meat

It's only February, but our pastured Pork, Lamb, and Broilers are already proving rather in demand for the 2012 season. If you are interested in supporting our small, sustainable, and delightful efforts in grass-farming sign up early for one of our meatshares. Info about ordering a broiler share, lamb share, and Hogs to your right, on the sidebar of this website.

All of our sheep, chickens, and hogs are raised with passion, care, and the way they were meant to be raised: on grass. You're welcome to visit any-time to chat with and check up on them!

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  1. Full disclosure. I am related.
    But truth in disclosure, I have eaten the chicken, pork and lamb produced at Little Flower Farm. (And I thought home-grown bok choy was good...) Roast chicken ala LFF is the stuff real meals are made of. If you can get some, count yourself lucky. Stuffed with field-grown rosemary, blessed. Fair warning: I now find that shrink-wrapped stuff in the cooler at the supermarket a very disappointing substitute. mim