Fresh Cheese Shares and Cabrito

Your support of the farm’s animal husbandry sustains the farm in many ways. Our animals are
an integral part of our veggie acreage’s fertility. They also maintain our pastures and cooperate in
symbiotic relationships which aid in each species’ health, as well as enhance the environment for
our surrounding wildlife. We are also passionate about providing our members with meat th
has been raised humanely, and without antibiotics, growth hormones, and radiation. Small farms need animals! They also provide extra needed funds for farm implements, equipment and feed.

Little Flower Farm Chevre Shares

Little Flower Farm’s adventures in small homestead dairying are an investment for our children’
future, and for all those who want to learn how to make their own farmstead cheeses and other da
products. Nothing beats goat’s milk for your health. Many people with milk allergies are able to
ingest goat’s milk because of the unique structure of the milk, and other baby animals will thrive
goat’s milk even more so than on their own mother’s milk.

Chevre Shares
       " Dorfli share"………………….$24.00/4 weeks of our fresh goat cheese.
             "Heidi Share".............................$120.00/5 months of fresh goat cheese twice monthly

Marine on St. Croix: Town Hall Fridge
Judd St, Marine

Stillwater: Luna's Residence,
613 4th St South.   (Behind the Historic Courthouse)


Our goat is raised naturally, with herbal worming regimens. Completely GRASS FED. This is as local as it gets, folks! Fall delivery. Your check reserves your goat order. Limited supply. Reserve early.

Whole Cabrito (young goat) (25-35 lbs)…………………….$225

To sign up: send a check made out to Chiara Dowell to:
little flower farm
20200 Quinnell Ave. N.
Scandia, MN 55073